Saturday, October 16, 2010

Johnny Cash: Walk The Line

Recorded:  April 2, 1956.
Released: May 1, 1956
Label: Sun Records

I Walk the Line: Original 7-inch vinyl single, released in 1956.

As Wikepedia puts it:
The song was performed with the help of Marshall Grant and Luther Perkins, two mechanics that he met while in the Air Force stationed in Germany.

Cash became the front man for the group and precipitated the introduction of the group to Sam Perkins of Sun Records. In 1955 they began recording under the Sun label. After three attempts with moderate chart ratings, "I Walk the Line" became the first number one Billboard hit for the group. The single remained on the record charts for over 43 weeks, and sold over 2 million copies.

The song was re-recorded four times during Cash's career. In 1964 for the I Walk the Line album, again in 1969 for the At San Quentin album, in 1970 for the I Walk the Line soundtrack, and finally in 1988 for the Classic Cash: Hall of Fame Series album.

In 2004, Rolling Stone ranked the song at #30 on their list of the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time.

I Walk the Line
By Johnny Cash

I keep a close watch on this heart of mine
I keep my eyes wide open all the time.
I keep the ends out for the tie that binds
Because you're mine,
I walk the line

I find it very, very easy to be true
I find myself alone when each day is through
Yes, I'll admit I'm a fool for you
Because you're mine,
I walk the line

As sure as night is dark and day is light
I keep you on my mind both day and night
And happiness I've known proves that it's right
Because you're mine,
I walk the line

You've got a way to keep me on your side
You give me cause for love that I can't hide
For you I know I'd even try to turn the tide
Because you're mine,
I walk the line

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