Saturday, November 20, 2010

Sting: Save The Dolphins

Sting and his Save the Dolphins campaign in an IMAX trailer. Much has been written about these beautiful, playful and noble mammals. The images speak for themselves. How we view and treat other sentient beings tells us much about ourselves and our views on humanity.

There are, generally speaking, two views on the earth. One view is that the earth belongs to humans, and it is our right to do with it which gives us pleasure and fulfills our appetites. Another view is that the earth is a gift that we cherish, including all that it contains, and that we ought to be nurturing and protecting it, as we would something that we love.

For now, it seems that the former view has greater currency. Even so, many international organizations are working to protect the world's oceans, including Oceana, National Geographic and The Cousteau Society. I encourage you to visit each of their comprehensive web sites.