Friday, February 11, 2011

Sheldon Levy: The Many Faces of Humanity

Guest Voices

Today starts a new regular feature of this blog, Guest Voices, a space open to persons to share diverse points of view, chiefly through essays, photos and artwork.


Humanity's Face no. 1: Manhattan
Photo Credit: Sheldon Levy, April 2009

I can tell you a lot of stories. Everybody has at least a few. I can tell you who and what and where. I could say that it was a bitter cold  when I met this man in Nashville or that woman in New York. There are many common threads that tie each to each. You would be reaching if you could come up with any definitive conclusions.
Humanity's Face no.2: Montreal
Photo Credit: Sheldon Levy, March 2010

Humanity's Face no. 3: Harlem
Photo Credit: Sheldon Levy, Sept 2010
You may see things that aren't there. You may think that you know something about these people. You may think that you know something about the photographer. You could be wrong. You could be right. Is it in the eyes. The glance? The tones?  Who has and who has not?  By whose standard? A brother. A lover. A mother. A father.  A sister. A son.
Humanity's Face no. 4: Nashville
Photo Credit
: Sheldon Levy, Jan 2010

Humanity's Face no. 5: Manhattan
Photo Credit
: Sheldon Levy, Oct 2009

I could go on but I'll leave you to it. After all your are the beholder. If I was to tell you the truth you wouldn't believe me. Or would you? "Looking for love in all the wrong places."

Humanity's Face no. 6: Manhattan
Photo Credit:
Sheldon Levy,April 2009

So goes the song. Maybe this is the right place to start. You tell me.

Mr. Levy resides in Montreal. He photographs to remember what he most certainly will forget. He can be contacted at For more of his work, go to:

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