Saturday, April 2, 2011

Goodman: The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise

This is a video clip of Benny Goodman and his band at the Aurex Jazz Festival: Budokan,Tokyo, Japan: September 3, 1980.

Here's the band: Benny Goodman on clarinet; Teddy Wilson on piano; Eddie Duran on guitar; Al Obidenski on bass; and John Markham on drums.

Written by: Gene Lockhart (lyrics);
Ernie Seitz (music);
Reginald Foort (arrangement)
Published: Chappell 1919

The World Is Waiting for the Sunrise is a popular ballad. The music was written by Ernest Seitz [1892-1978], a Canadian composer and concert pianist when he was twelve. But Seitz, who was also on the faculty of the Toronto Conservatory of Music, did not want his name associated with popular music, so he took measures to hide his identity, Wikipedia said:
Embarrassed about writing popular music, Seitz used the pseudonym "Raymond Roberts" when the song was first published by Chappell in 1919.

More than 100 versions have been recorded. Initially, when the song's hopeful sentiment appealed to post-war North America, it was recorded by both singers and instrumentalists, including Morton Downey, Fritz Kreisler, Ted Lewis, and John Steel. Later, as a popular vehicle for improvisation, it was recorded by many jazz musicians, among them Benny Goodman, Duke Ellington, Mel Powell, Jess Stacy, and Jack Teagarden.


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