Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Evgeny Kissin: Beethoven's Rondo a Capriccio

Evgeny Kissin plays Beethoven's "Rondo a capriccio," in G major, Op 129, in London, England in 2007. This piece, which actually dates to 1795 despite its late opus number, is better known as "Rage Over a Lost Penny, a subtitle provided by Beethoven's friend, Anton Schindler.

There is an interesting article by Erich Hertzmann in The Oxford Journal, published  in 1946, on the founding of the original autograph of this musical work. In the article, Hertzmann writes:
The existence of the autograph was first disclosed in an article by Otto E. Abrecht. The autograph is owned by Mrs. Eugene Allen Noble of Prvidence, R.I., to whom I am greatly indebted for letting me examine the precious manuscript. A facsimile of the page containing the beginning of the Rondo was reproduced along with that article. The careful reader will find to his amazement that the facsimile does not agree with the current editions, including the one in the Kritische Gesamtausgabe of Beethoven's works.


  1. In this interview
    Kissin mentions that he is concerned about the anti-Israel hatred sweeping the world. That is a bold thing for a performing artist to say.

  2. Prof Jochnowitz:

    Kissin is not only a highly talented musician, but has a good head on his shoulders. He is using his fame to do good, which is to speak the truth—a word often perverted by those who have no respect for such things.


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