Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Fifth Dimension: Aquarius/Let The Sunshine In (1969)


This clip is from a 1969 live telecast.

The medley "Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In" was written and composed by James Rado, Gerome Ragni, and Galt MacDermot for the 1967 Broadway musical Hair, which was released as a single by The Fifth Dimension in March 1969. The five original members were Billy Davis, Jr., Florence LaRue, Marilyn McCoo, Lamonte McLemore, and Ron Townson. The song ranks no. 57 on Billboard's "Greatest Songs of All Time." It has also ranked 33rd on the 2004 American Film Institute's list 100 years, 100 songs.

Disregarding the merits and veracity of the astrological promises of The Age of Aquarius and the new age movements associated with it, one can focus on the music and the song's promise of change, as is "Let the Sun Shine In." That's the chief reason that I am posting it here; we need some positive news or else we can start believing that the world is always a horrible, cold and dark place.

It's also true that how we think and interpret events has a great influence on not only how we view the world, but on how we feel. Science and religion can easily agree on that statement as fact. More so, I don't believe that those who hold a pessimistic view of humanity are more correct, more intelligent, or more insightful than those who hold a more positive view. They are, to put it simply, more pessimistic. I am not. Nor do I see any benefit of holding such dark, unhappy views.

With that in mind, there is some good news to report. We might be entering a new era of Compassionate Capitalism, spelling the end of 30 hard-boiled years of Reaganomics, which primarily benefited the elites, and left too many in misery. [See tomorrow's post on Compassionate Capitalism: The Progressive Age for more details.]

The Fifth Dimension: Cover of the single with Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In.
Source: Wikipedia

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