Thursday, December 1, 2011

Murray Perahia: Mozart Piano Concerto No. 21

Murray Perahia performs from the well-know second movement of the Mozart Piano Concerto No. 21, in C major, K. 467, with the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra in Salzburg, Austria, James Levine conducting, in November 2006. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart completed the work on March 9, 1785. 


Murray Perahia, an American pianist from the Bronx. New York, was born Moishe Prakhia to Sephardi-Jews from Thessaloniki, Greece, in 1947, and has the distinction of speaking Ladino, a Judaeo-Spanish language, as his mother tongue.

Since 2009, Perahia has been president of the Jerusalem Music Center, which violinist Issac Stern helped found in 1973. Coinciding with his appointment as president of the music school, in a Haaretz article, "Expanding the love of music," Noam Ben Zeev writes :

Perahia's desire to instill music in everyone stems from his deep love for this art form. He believes that classical music is the incarnation of democracy. "Music represents an ideal world," he says, " a world where all dissonances resolve, where all modulations - that are journeys - return home, and where surprise and stability coexist. If all this could be taught, the love of music would continually expand."