Sunday, February 26, 2012

David Oistrakh: Beethoven's Spring Sonata

David Oistrakh on violin, accompanied by Lev Oborin on piano, performs from the second movement of Beethoven's Violin Sonata No. 5 in F major, opus 24 (the Spring Sonata), in Paris, France, on June 27, 1962.


  1. Hello ! I came by to announce, as a morale booster or maybe just for personal planning needs, that it has been officially determined that this year Spring will formally arrive in the realm of the Northern Hemisphere on Tuesday, March 20th, at precisely 05:14, Universal Time, (former Greenwich Meridian Time...I think...I never got the history of these different times very straight !)

  2. I also wanted to tell you, just in case you may be curious what the arrival of Spring smells like in SW Norway: it has the very faint yet unmistakable fragrance of Plumeria, undoubtedly brought here all the way from the Caribbean by the westerly winds which accompany the Gulf Stream current ! Last year I had sensed this fragrance floating in the air for a few days and I just could not identify it, since usually the air does not smell much like anything here on the SW coast of Norway, where the coastal winds sometimes blow so strongly that they actually manage to dry 1 m diameter post-rain puddles in just about 20 minutes, and also chase very fast large masses of air possibly smelling like sea towards inland. But this year I recognized it again, and I actually tried to this of it by Color to see if it would remind me of wasn't fruity yellow, red, or green, it wasn't earthly or smokey like ochre, it wasn't salty sealike blue was actually very pale violet, like lilac, yet not so sweet as lilac...and then it hit me ! It reminded me of a plumeria bath gel I had once actually bought from a Walmart while in the USA at the time ! Then the possibility of the Gulf Stream actually bringing that scent all the way from the Caribbean became quite likely !

  3. Rudolph:

    Thanks for your comments. It's true that I need a bit of hope that spring is around the corner. While it's good to know when spring officially arrives in the northern hemisphere, I always add a few weeks to take in 'on the ground' considerations. Here in Montreal, spring arrives on April 15th.

    Your comment on spring scents is wonderful. I can almost spell the Plumeria the way that you described it. Well done.


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