Thursday, February 23, 2012

Liel Kolet: Ratziti Sheteda

Liel Kolet performs Elohim Sheli at a concert in Tel Aviv, Israel. It has a noticeable Middle Eastern sound. Liel Kolet was the young singer who sang along with President Clinton "Imagine" to celebrate Shimon Peres 80th birthday in 2003.


The song, Ratziti Sheteda (Hebrew: רציתי שתדע‎, "I wanted You To Know"), is a famous Israeli song that Uzi Hitman [1952-2004] wrote and composed in 1979. It was on Hitman's second album Noladiti lashalom ("I Was Born To Peace"), dedicated to his first-born son in hope that peace was ready to manifest itself after the Camp David Accords signed between Egypt and Israel. The song is widely known as "Elohim Sheli" or "My God." It is about a dream for peace, which remains a dream, a plaintive lament, at least for now.

Here are the original lyrics, in English translation, which differ from those of Liel Kolet. The sentiments, however, are very similar—a desire for peace in our lifetime, if not sooner.

I Wanted You To Know
by Uri Hitman

Oh my God, I want to let you know
A dream I dreamt at night in my bed:
In the dream I saw an angel,
From heaven he came to me, and said so:
I came from heaven, a long wandering,
To bring a blessing of peace to all the children,
To bring a blessing of peace to all the children

When I awoke I remembered the dream,
And went out to seek for a little bit of peace,
But there was no angel, there was no peace.
He went away long ago, and I am here with my dream.

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