Thursday, March 1, 2012

Karsten Troyke: A Bisele Glik

Karsten Troyke, a German singer, performs the Yiddish classic, heartfelt song, "A Bisale Glik" (A Little Luck") accompanied by a well-known Charlie Chaplin silent clip of "The Little Tramp." Luck is something that we all can use, even for those who claim no belief in it.



  1. Wow! The song was sung in Central Yiddish, generally known as Galitsyaner Yiddish, but historically spoken in most of Poland, Slovakia, half of Hungary, and Transylvania.
    The music and words went perfectly with the Chaplain segment. Beautiful.

  2. Prof Jochnowitz:

    I also thought the music went well with the Chaplin clip.


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