Monday, June 4, 2012

Jewish Humour: Marriage Brokers

Monday Humor

Much of the Jewish humour on this site can be found in this wonderful book: The Encyclopedia of Jewish Humor, compiled and edited by Henry D. Spalding.

This week's humour is focused on The Marriage Broker (Shadchan, שַׁדְּכָן‎):
A shadchan goes to see a poor man and says, "I want to arrange a marriage for your son."

The poor man replies, "I never interfere in my son's life." The shadken responds, "But the girl is Lord Rothschild's daughter." 

"Well, in that case..." 

Next, the shadchan  approaches Lord Rothschild. "I have a husband for your daughter." "But my daughter is too young to marry." 

"But this young man is already a vice president of the World Bank." 

"Ah, in that case..." 

Finally, the  shadchan  goes to see the president of the World Bank. "I have a young man to recommend to you as a vice president." 

"But I already have more vice presidents than I need." "But this young man is Lord Rothschild's son-in-law."

"Ah, in that case...."

 A shadchan called on a young man of poor circumstances to attempt a match.

"Frankly," the youth said, "the only girl I would consider must be young, beautiful, come from a good family, and own a delicatessen."

"What!" shouted the indignant marriage broker. "You, a poor man, expect all that? You're not even passably good looking and you have no trade. A girl such as you describe would have to be crazy to marry the likes of you."

The young man shrugged. "So, she's crazy! As long as she has all the other qualifications, who cares?"

Shadchan: Have I got a girl for you. She comes with a dowry of ten thousand rubles.

Young Man: That sounds interesting. Let me see here picture.

Shadchan: Sorry, for a dowry of ten thousand rubles we never show pictures.

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