Saturday, June 16, 2012

Karsten Troyke: Budapescht

Karsten Troyke sings Budapescht (Budapest), one of the forgotten Yiddish love songs of opportunity and lament, of losing one's heart in Budapest.


[Lyrics and English translation by Heizler]

Ich bin a Bucher jîng în frailech, ich fil sech gît,
es bengt sech mir nuch Libe,
es bengt sech mir nuch Glik.
Ich vill gain in alle Gassn în vill schrain: Gewalt!
A Maidale git mir bald!

Wail ich bin a Bucher jîng în frisch,
´ch gai sech ous mamesz far a Kîsch,
tref iech mir a Lodze Ponienka,
sie red poilisch în ich mîss stenkn:
Ja sze kocham a ty ´spysz!

Schpiel, Zigainer of dain Fidl,
schpiel mir up a Liebesliedl,
wail ich hob gelosst main Harts in Budapescht
in die Nacht ven die Levune hot geschaint.

Ich hob gevolt mit ihr bouen a Nest
în sie hot fîn mir sech ousgelacht
Ich hob gemaint, sie liebt mech ainem!
Sie libt nor mech în mehr nischt kainem!
Ich hob gemaint, ich kon fartrouen -
falsch is sie vie alle Frouen.

Bai die Rogatke `ch hob sie gelosst schtain!

[The lyrics in English]:
I'm a lad, young and happy,
I feel well
I've spirit for love, I aspire to be lucky
I'll go along all streets and
Shout: People, listen!
Give me a girl then.

Because I'm a young lad
I aspire to a kiss
I meet a girl from Lodz
She spoke Polish and I had to listen:
'Ja sze kocham a ty ´spysz!' (I love you, but you...) (I love you, but you sleep)

Play Gipsy, on your violin
Play a lovesong with me:
I've lost my heart in Budapest
In the night in moonlight

I wanted to build a nest with her,
But she laughted about it
I thought, she should love me
Just me, and any other
I thought, I can't trust her,
She is false as are all women!

In the corner, I'd let her go.


  1. This is a rare example of a song sung in Central (Polish, Hungarian) Yiddish.

    1. What I find interesting is that Karsten Troyke is a German performer.


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