Tuesday, July 3, 2012

András Schiff: Bach's Italian Concerto

András Schiff performs Bach's Italian Concerto, BWV 971, which J.S. Bach published in 1735. That year, Bach published Part 2 of his Clavier-übung or Exercises for the Keyboard, which comprised two pieces: a Concerto in the Italian Style – the Italian Concerto, and the Keyboard Partita in B Minor, also known as The Overture in The French styleThe original title of this piece is Concerto nach Italienischem Gusto (Concerto in the Italian style). [As a comparison, you can listen to Wanda Landowska here play the piece on harpsichord in a 1936 recording.]



  1. Schiff sounds a bit more baroque, even though he is playing a piano; and Landowska sounds a bit more romantic, although she is performing on a harpsichord. Both are great.


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