Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Marc-André Hamelin: Busoni's Piano Sonatina No. 6

Marc-André Hamelin performs Ferruccio Busoni's Piano Sonatina No. 6 ("Fantasia da camera super Carmen"), BV 284, based on George Bizet's Carmen at London's Wigmore Hall; Busoni [1866-1924] composed the piece in 1920.

Dante Michaelangelo Benvenuto Ferruccio Busoni was a controversial figure in his time; much of his music is difficult to play: But then again he had to try to live up to his given names. As one music site says of the Italian composer:  
Some idea of Busoni's mature attitude to composition can be gained from his 1907 manifesto, Sketch of a New Aesthetic of Music, a publication somewhat controversial in its time. As well as discussing then little-explored areas such as electronic music and microtonal music (both techniques he never employed), he asserted that music should distill the essence of music of the past to make something new.