Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Obama Snubs Netanyahu

The Iran File

Things could not get worse for Israel; an article in Reuters has noted that U.S. President Obama will not meet Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu to discuss Iran's nuclear ambitions when he is in New York to attend a United Nations meeting.
In a highly unusual rebuff to a close ally, the White House said on Tuesday that President Barack Obama would not meet Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during a U.S. visit later this month, as tensions escalated over how to deal with Iran's nuclear program.
The apparent snub, coupled with Netanyahu's sharpened demands for a tougher U.S. line against Iran, threatened to plunge U.S.-Israeli relations into crisis and add pressure on Obama in the final stretch of a tight presidential election campaign.
An Israeli official, who declined to be identified, said the White House had refused Netanyahu's request to meet Obama when the Israeli leader visits the United States to attend the U.N. General Assembly, telling the Israelis, "The president's schedule will not permit that."
Given the importance of the threats that Iran poses, this is surprising in one way; but given the open animosity between the two men and their differing visions on how urgent it is to contain Iran's nuclear ambitions, it is not. Both Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have underplayed the time factor, saying the U.S. has up to a year to work things out with Iran. It's a luxury that, unfortunately, Israel does not have.

That the Obama Administration is morally blind to this fact is both heart-breaking and worrisome. As the article continues: "John McCain and Lindsey Graham, Republican senators and critics of Obama's foreign policy, said in a joint statement: 'It is puzzling that the president can't make time to see the head of state of one of America's closest allies in the world.' 'If these reports are true, the White House's decision sends a troubling signal to our ally Israel about America's commitment at this dangerous and challenging time,' they said." 

I think that Obama's message could not be clearer. U.S.-Israeli relations are at a nadir, and they are not going to get better with this Administration. Such is a tragic mistake on all counts. As Israel goes so will America. What such policy analysts fail to see is that Israel is a real friend and not the enemy; the enemy are the Islamists who despise America and western liberal democracy; their anger and resentments will not allow them to be appeased or talked into submission. No, things will also get worse for the United States, as evidenced by yesterday's storming of the U.S. embassy in Cairo, Egypt, and the murder of the U.S. ambassador to Libya and three others in Benghazi [see here & here].

It doesn't have to be that way.

You can read the rest of the article at [Reuters]


  1. Is Obama going out of his way to lose Jewish votes?

    1. No, he's already got the majority of the Jewish vote; it's more personal.


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