Monday, September 3, 2012

U.S. President Obama Wrong About Iran

The Ticking Bomb

An article in Commentary by Jonathan S. Tobin confirms that U.S. President Obama is not a man to admit his mistakes easily, even if it concerns Iran and its threat to Israel. In light of a recent report by the International Atomic Energy Agency that Iran is doubling the number of centrifuges, thus confirming its nuclear ambitions, it should be enough to convince the current American Administration to take a different course.
Israel’s problem is that the Obama administration doesn’t care that it has been proven wrong and feels no inclination to engage in a conversation with the leaders of the Jewish state about taking action to either reverse course or head off a catastrophe. Instead, it just sticks to its line about giving more time for diplomacy even though no one in Washington, let alone anywhere else, believes that it is possible to talk the Iranians into giving up their nuclear ambitions. The president wants no back talk from the Israelis about this. But even more than that, he desires no trouble in the Middle East in the next two months as he fights for re-election.
That leaves the Israelis with a difficult choice. It can, as most foreign policy mavens keep telling them to, simply shut up and hope that either a re-elected Obama will keep all the promises he’s made on the subject or that a President Romney will make good on the tough statements he’s made about the peril from an Iranian nuke. But given the speed of the Iranians’ progress and the possibility that by next year it could already be too late for an attack on their nuclear facilities to do much good, waiting may not be an option consistent with Netanyahu’s responsibility to spike any existential threat to his nation’s future.
That leaves Israel without any genuine backing from the U.S. in what might prove as the single most important decision that a leader of Israel has had to make since the state's founding in 1948. Israel, unlike any other state, has had many such decisions in its 64-year history. If the Obama Administration can't offer any help or at least genuine reassurance that it will stand by Israel, which now seems the case, then it should get out of the way. As usual, Israel and the Jewish People alone will make the decision that primarily affects them. And Us.

You can read the rest of the article at [Commentary]


  1. Here is a somewhat ambiguous news report about US actions to discourage Iran from proceeding:

    1. I have read the article; and it is as you said "ambiguous." It is weak on commitment and genuine support for the one nation—Israel—that faces the greatest threat from a nuclear Iran.


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