Monday, March 11, 2013

The Cancer Blog: Week 7

My Health

This blog within a blog will discuss cancer and all of my fears, hopes and expectations for a positive outcome—full and complete recovery. In addition, I plan to throw in some latest medical research. All cancer patients are interested, to some degree, in research and the latest medical findings; I am no exception. 

This week, my two boys, aged 4 and 11, are off from school for spring break; it's also the same week in which I have a chemo session (no. 3). Even so, I plan to make the best use of the time to ensure that the two boys are kept busy in a good way.

It all started yesterday when Olga and I took the boys bowling and then to a burger joint for, what else, burgers and fries. Other plans include taking them to a family movie (Oz the Great and Powerful, a Disney adaptation of The Wizard of Oz), playing mini-golf, going to a music store to pick out musical instruments, and viewing the dinosaur exhibit at the Royal Ontario Museum, for which we have a family membership. We also plan to join the Toronto Public Library, which we haven't done yet since moving to Toronto a few months ago. (Our eldest son loves to read, and goes through books quickly; the youngest, although not reading yet, loves the sound of words and to be read to.)

It sounds like a packed week, and it is. The plan is to take them to one event a day during the next six days, except for Tuesday, the day of my chemo session. The planned outings are a mix of cultural and fun activities; educational and leisure. We are fortunate to reside in a city where there is a good mix of things to do. Truly, such is important when you have children [see Death by Boredom]; and it's important for oldsters like me looking for a little entertainment and culture to focus my thoughts elsewhere. (I actually enjoyed bowling, a fun family distraction, and I am a fairly good bowler.)

Additional thoughts: I hope that I have the koach (strength) for all this activity. And will my kids appreciate what my wife and I are doing for them? Unlikely today. Perhaps when they are 30. For now we are either good parents or foolish sentimentalists.