Sunday, March 17, 2013

U.S. Support Of Israel Remains Strong At 64%; The Highest Poll Results Since 1991's Gulf War

American-Israeli Relations: In Snapshot

Sometimes a snapshot can tell a story; this is one of those times: One of the most noteworthy findings, Gallup says, is that "Palestinians receive the highest sympathy from Democrats, liberals, and postgraduates, but even among these, support tops off at 24%."
Americans Favour Israelis Over Palestinians, says data from Gallup's 2013 World Affairs poll, conducted Feb. 7-10. The Gallup site says: "As President Barack Obama prepares to visit Israel, the Palestinian West Bank, and Jordan next week—his first trip to the region as president—Americans' sympathies lean heavily toward the Israelis over the Palestinians, 64% vs. 12%. Americans' partiality for Israel has consistently exceeded 60% since 2010; however, today's 64% ties the highest Gallup has recorded in a quarter century, last seen in 1991 during the Gulf War. At that time, slightly fewer than today, 7%, sympathized more with the Palestinians." 
Image Credit & Source: Gallup


You can see more poll results at [Gallup]


  1. Many--perhaps most--Americans who support Israel sympathize with the Palestinians. Many--perhaps most--Israelis sympathize with the Palestinians. It is the Arab world and the world of Islam that shows no sympathy to the Palestinians. Some Palestinians have been trapped in refugee camps for 65 years. They have been forced to remain a running sore, so that Israel's right to exist would forever be questioned.
    Israel offered the Palestinians a state even before it was created, when it accepted the U.N. Partition Plan. Time and again Israeli governments have offered to agree to a compromise that would allow a Palestinian state to exist. Every compromise was rejected, perhaps the most notable being the Taba Plan of 2001, negotiated by Clinton and rejected by Arafat.
    The word "sympathy" in the poll actually means "support." Supporting the Palestinian cause means keeping all their doors shut.

    1. I think you're right; equally important, people support what they know and understand: the American people have close ties to Israel since Israel is more like America than the Palestinian Authority.


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