Sunday, April 7, 2013

Paul McCartney: Live At Moscow's Red Square (2003)

Music & Freedom

In this documentary video here, Paul McCartney (a former member of The Beatles) performs with his band at Moscow's Red Square (2003). Some of you might wonder why this video and what it has to do with freedom. The answer is everything. First, Red Square is iconic, symbolic of state power, and yet the place was filled was tens of thousands of ordinary Russians witnessing a rock performance that previously in the Cold War was unthinkable.

It is notable that Russian President Vladimir Putin was in the audience. Music is a unifying force for all humanity, and this concert showed the power of music to bring people of disparate backgrounds together. Musical expression is freedom; and that explains why authoritarian regimes seek to ban or at least limit its expression. Watch the video documentary, which explains why The Beatles, a rock 'n roll group, were the chief musical force that eventually brought down communism. It was the true quiet revolution. Enjoy.