Monday, April 22, 2013

The Cancer Blog: Week 13

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This blog within a blog will discuss cancer and all of my fears, hopes and expectations for a positive outcome—full and complete recovery. In addition, I plan to throw in some latest medical research. All cancer patients are interested, to some degree, in research and the latest medical findings; I am no exception. Today is Day 126 living with cancer;  and tomorrow I go for chemo session no. 6.


Emotional and mental support is important, both for myself and my family; and so we've recently joined a wonderful organization that provides many avenues of support; it's the Gilda’s Club Greater Toronto, a wonderful non-profit organization that also provides a raft of activities for both cancer patients and their families. Last Tuesday, for example, our whole family partook in a wonderful communal meal, and then each, including our two boys, attended programs suited to his or her needs.

The site says the following on what Gilda's Club does.
Gilda’s Club Greater Toronto offers activities each month for adults, children and families. From support groups, to healthy lifestyle workshops, informative lectures and fun social events, we’re sure there is something here for you. Plus, sharing your cancer journey with others – whether personally diagnosed or impacted through the diagnosis of another – makes travelling the path a little easier.
The organization is named after the well-know comedian of Saturday Night Live (SNL), Gilda Radner [1949-1986], who died of ovarian cancer at a too early age of 42 in Los Angeles. As Wikipedia adds, the first Gilda's Club was founded in 1991, “a network of affiliate clubhouses where people living with cancer, their friends and families, can meet to learn how to live with cancer, was founded. The center was named for a quip from Radner, who said, 'Having cancer gave me membership in an elite club I'd rather not belong to.' ”

But belong we do. Gilda's Club is now associated with The Wellness Community, under the new name of Cancer Support Community, which was legally adopted in 2011. But it's still unofficially called Gild'a Club, and so it shall remain in the minds of the people who attend its various  programs. Speaking of Radner, I remember reading her book, a deeply personal memoir, It's Always Somethingwhich was published in 1989, a month before her death; I read it in 1993 for a course in English literature.

Yeah, it's always something, but it depends on what you do with that “something.” We plan to be a part of Gilda's Club for a long time.

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