Sunday, May 12, 2013

A Mother Cheetah & Her Cubs

Great Photography

For all the Mothers, whether human or animals, Happy Mothers' Day:

Mother Cheetah and her cubs; this shot was taken in Tanzania. As National Geographic says: “Young cheetah mother named Etta by researchers scans the Serengeti for signs of danger while
her four 12-week-old cubs wrestle. A long-running study has found that the majority of cubs
here are raised by a small group of cheetah supermoms.” 
Photo Credit: Frans Lanting, 2013
SourceNational Geographic

Roff Smith writes:
Suddenly one of the guides shouts, as the gazelles break and run and Etta launches into an explosive sprint. The sleek cat is too fast for the eye to follow, blurring through the grass like a bullet. The drama is over in seconds, ending with a puff of dust and a stranglehold on a luckless young gazelle. As Etta drags the carcass back to her cubs, they emerge from the scrub eager to tuck into the feast. The safari buses are only seconds behind, the drivers jockeying to get the best camera angles for their customers.

You can read the rest of the article at [NatGeo]; and see more pictures here.