Sunday, May 5, 2013

Frozen Heat: A Love Poem

Personal Poetry

I do not usually share my poetry, but here is one that I wrote years ago; it is a poem about love and reconsideration. The rest is for you to interpret, not only through your mind, but chiefly through your senses:

Frozen Heat
by Perry J. Greenbaum

He thinks. She feels
Anna, full of grace
wearing the cotton print gown
of splendid colours,
crosses into the study
like a solitary sunbeam dancing
on a crusty snow-coloured field.

Raskolnicki, bearing an indecisive
grey goatee and solemnity,
sits in his chair
humped over aging manuscripts,
alone with the thinkers
of another age.

In her goodness, Anna smiles to him.

Terrified, Raskolnicki moves forward
and clumsily kisses her hand.

Both cry.

Dedicated to my wife, “Oggie”: March 18, 2004.

© Perry J. Greenbaum, 2004.