Monday, May 27, 2013

The Cancer Blog: Week 18

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This blog within a blog will discuss cancer and all of my fears, hopes and expectations for a positive outcome—full and complete recovery. In addition, I plan to throw in some latest medical research. All cancer patients are interested, to some degree, in research and the latest medical findings; I am no exception. Today is Day 161 living with cancer; tomorrow is chemo session no. 8.


Let’s talk about money, again. We have spent most of our savings, and both Olga and I still are without work; I can’t yet work, and Olga is still awaiting nursing certification, or licensing, from Ontario’s nursing certification board.  

So, in the interim we have decided to avail ourselves to various government programs to keep us afloat. I have been busy filling out forms for various government entitlement programs, including Ontario disability, Quebec disability pension (for which I paid decades of contributions) and social welfare.

Each program requires a similar set of forms that require completing along with a raft of identification documents to prove our existence. It’s the way bureaucrats operate, and there is no use arguing about it; it’s the way it is. such programs are set up with the ostensible intention of helping the poor and less-fortunate, often with the government PR machine, trumpeting what they are doing for the underclass. But the reality and the truth is far more revealing.

They, most often Conservatives, often do this with much misgivings and resentment, believing for the most part that individuals who apply for such programs are ultimately lazy and public miscreants, taking free handouts (see here and here). Nothing can be further from the truth. That there are some who might “abuse” the system is true; but then again there are some wealthy and super-wealthy who also abuse the system, and do far greater abuse.

Need I remind you of Wall Street bankers, or Corporate America, who happily take all corporate tax entitlements, without feeling that this is morally or ethically wrong? They do so with the arrogance of the monied class.

So, as much as I want to work and contribute my talents and abilities to society, I can’t. And the fault lies not with me, but with an broken and dysfunctional economic system that has no interest in hiring a intelligent, curious and talented thinker and writer like me. Can it be because I am a 55-year-old male?

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