Friday, June 14, 2013

The NSA Breakfast Blog: Week 1

Data Surveillance

Today marks the start of another blog within a blog: The NSA Breakfast Blog, which is dedicated to helping the United States government and the National Security Agency, working under the Department of Defense,  help fight terrorism through data and knowledge.

I am one of those foreign nationals, a Canadian, and thus I want to do my part in combating world-wide terrorism. I have decided that I can do this by duly and dutifully reporting my breakfast habits of the preceding few days. The blog will post on Fridays; and my breakfast-eating habits will consist of what I ate and drank from Monday to Thursday. This will run for a few weeks at most.

Here is what I ate the last few days:

Monday: We went to a friend's house on Sunday for brunch and we ate an amazing French toast; the hostess gave us some leftovers, which my wife took home. I ate that today along with a cup of Tim Horton’s coffee, a double-double. I also had a glass of orange juice from Tropicana.

Tuesday: Today is my chemo day—session no. 9—so I tend to eat light and have a large healthy salad with sesame dressing for lunch prior to my chemo; it’s quite delicious. (I am not sure if you are aware of the fact that I have colorectal cancer, Stage III.). I had a sesame seed bagel, lightly toasted, smeared with peanut butter, along with a cup of coffee with two sugars and some cream. I tend to alternate between my blue cup and my Concordia University cup, which is more of a mug.

Wednesday: My chemo was postponed for a week due to low platelet counts; it was 73 X 10E9/L, my lowest level since starting treatments in February. The accepted norm is 150 X 10E9/L, and chemo treatments can go ahead if it is at least 100 X 10E9/L. So, I have to wait a week for my body to recover. For breakfast I had a lightly toasted sesame seed bagel with cream cheese and a coffee with two sugars a and little milk, since we ran out of cream. I generally feel good.

Thursday: Today I ate a big breakfast. I made myself a two-egg Spanish omelette with raspberries and strawberries on the side, accompanied by two slices of rye lightly toasted and buttered. As well, I had a tall glass of orange juice, the Simply Orange brand, followed by a cup of coffee with two sugars and a little milk. Needless to say I felt full and satisfied, knowing that I ate a healthy and tasty breakfast.

That’s it for this week; thanks for reading my blog and I hope that you not only found it interesting but also important. And perhaps in the spirit of co-operation, President Obama can share his breakfast habits with the public, as I have done. There really is nothing to hide.