Friday, June 28, 2013

The NSA Breakfast Blog: Week 3

Data Surveillance

The NSA Breakfast Blog  is dedicated to helping the United States government and the National Security Agency, working under the Department of Defense,  help fight terrorism through data and knowledge.

I am one of those foreign nationals, a Canadian, and thus I want to do my part in combating world-wide terrorism. I have decided that I can do this by duly and dutifully reporting my breakfast habits of the preceding few days. The blog will post on Fridays; and my breakfast-eating habits will consist of what I ate and drank from Monday to Thursday. This will run for a few weeks at most.

Here is what I ate the last few days:

Monday: I had two Eggo-brand waffles lavishly layered with corn syrup (I know, it’s not too healthy, but I had a craving of sorts), along with some strawberries and apricots; I also had a glass of Oasis-brand orange juice, followed by a cup of coffee, two sugars and a little 10% m.f. cream.

Tuesday: I have been suffering from an upset stomach the past few days, replete with nausea, constipation and diarrhoea—all very unpleasant and nasty physical sensations that tends to deny if not defeat the appetite.  Surprisingly enough, I have been still managing to eat healthy.  The weather has been stifling (32C , or 90F today). Today I had a glass of orange juice,  a bowl of mango fruit, strawberries and tomatoes and a then bowl of Rice Crispies cereal with milk.  This was followed by a cup of coffee, two sugars and a little 10% m.f. cream. Tonight, our family is has plans to go to Gilda’s Club, the cancer-support group, for a pot-luck barbecue; the weather, however, is threatening thunderstorms.

Wednesday: The hot muggy weather continues, which has not been good for appetite, and definitely not for my morale. This morning, I had a glass of strawberry-banana juice (Oasis brand), two slices of lightly buttered rye toast, a nectarine and a cup of coffee with two sugars and a little 10% m.f. cream. I hope the weather cools down; if not, might be time that we buy some air conditioners for this apartment.

Thursday: The weather forecasts a cooler greyer day (around 25C or 77F). I awoke this morning at 4:15 a.m., which is right around my usual time. I had a tall glass of orange juice, two eggs sunny side up (to make up for the lack of early-morning sun) with a banana, and two slices of rye toast with margarine and strawberry jam. I ended the fine meal with and a cup of coffee with two sugars and a little 10% m.f. cream.  We plan to go strawberry picking this weekend, a family summer ritual, that is, unless the weather decides against our plans.

That will be the end of the NSA Breakfast blog, at least for the next month of July while I take a badly needed break and get some time to “recharge” my self. I wish everyone a happy July and a happy summer; to Americans celebrating Independence Day (Fourth Of July, as it is also called), it might be worthwhile to consider and remember what your forebears fought for: freedom,  notably from mercurial, capricious and authoritarian powers. 

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