Sunday, February 16, 2014

Kevin Richardson: A Man Among Lions

Kevin Richardson has gained the trust and respect of a pride of a lions; Richardson is a South African animal behaviorist whose unconventional ways are appealing to me; he has shown that lions, although powerful animals, are also intelligent, sentient beings. Richardson has aptly demonstrated that human-animal barriers, a human construct of dubious merit, can be torn down if there are the right conditions of love, respect and trust; similarly this can apply to many if not all human-made barriers that are often based on fear. He has spent years gaining the trust of lions.

Here is some more information on Richardson from Wikipedia:
Richardson has worked with big cats and relies on intuition rather than static rules. He has slept next to, fed, and lived with lions. Along with lions, he has worked with cheetahs, leopards, and hyenas. He prefers lions to any other big cat.[12] His relationship with the animals, however, has not been an instant one. He has known most of the lions he works with since they were cubs.[5] He still continues his bond with Tau and Napoleon, the lion brothers who were his introduction to big cats.[4]
His unique relationship with the genus Panthera has dispelled many myths concerning the care of lions. Richardson demonstrates that lions and animals in general, have personalities, feelings, and are social creatures. His interaction with them shows that, with mutual respect, many species can coexist. That does not mean there are no dangers; Richardson, throughout his career, has had many close encounters.[13]
Richardson rejects the traditional notion that lions should be mastered and dominated, preferring to develop a relationship over time, based on love and respect.[14] "A lion is not a possession; it's a sentient being, so you must pay attention and develop your bond like with any relationship." [14]
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