Monday, May 26, 2014

CIJR Gala Luncheon

Canada-Israel Relations

CIJR is an academic institute unique in speaking directly to the public, Jewish and non-Jewish. It addresses key issues like Iran, Iraq and nuclear weapons, Holocaust revisionism after Auschwitz, the status of the West Bank and Jerusalem, Israel civil rights and the Gaza boycott. It addresses the Middle East conflict, Arab and European delegitimation of Israel, and Al Qaeda and other terrorist organizations through the up-to-date analyses of its respected on-line, e-mail, fax and print publications.

One of the most admirable jobs in civic society is in defense of something noble and good. Defending democracy and human rights falls under such a category; and the Canadian Institute for Jewish Research, or CIJR, does an excellent job of it. Operating out of modest offices in downtown Montreal, it is many things: it is an academic institute; it is a resource centre; it is a centre of academic inquiry; it is a centre of defense for liberal democracy, including fighting anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism. This is a serious organization that does excellent work in this area; I recommend it without qualification. The Gala Luncheon in Toronto takes place on Wednesday June 11, 2014; RSVP at, or at 1.855.303-5544.

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