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Top Ten Posts: Stats, Diversities and Distributions

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Photo Credit: Eli G. Greenbaum; 2014

Here is a list of the top ten posts (as of May 28, 2014) for this blog, which dates to August 2010, when I wrote my first article. The blog now contains a healthy 1,591posts and a total of 633,270 page-views. This equates to an average, or mean, of 398 page-views per post. I don't yet have figures for the median, but it is likely around the 250 mark.

The numbers cited below are provided by Google.

 1. My Last Post                                                          
(Aug 31, 2013)                                                              13,427

2. 2001: A Space Odyssey                                          
(Nov. 20, 2010)                                                              10,064

3. Sheldon Levy: The Many Faces of Humanity              
by Sheldon Levy
(Feb 11, 2011)                                                                   6,701

4. Can We End Poverty?
(Nov 24, 2010)                                                                  6,237

5. The Merchant Of Venice:                                            
Shylock's Monologue
(June 24, 2011)                                                                   5,409
6. Losing Sociability
(Aug 22, 2012)                                                                   4,369

7. Ariel Sharon: Six Years Later
(Apr 23, 2012)                                                                    4,204

8. Anti-Social Corporations & The Governments
(Jan 24, 2014)                                                                     3,679

9. Bruce Springsteen: This Land Is Your Land
(Sept. 11, 2011)                                                                   3,157

10. See No Evil; Hear No Evil: It's All Israel's Fault
by Prof. George Jochnowitz
(Apr 9, 2013)                                                                       3,044

The top ten posts generated a total of 60,291 page-views, or 9.5% of the over-all total page-views. There is a nice distribution among what interests readers of this blog, which says much about over-all human diversity among readers in tastes and in ideas.

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