Thursday, June 12, 2014

Jerusalem Becomes City Of Lights

Light Festivals

Jerusalem's Damascus Gate, "which leads to Jerusalem’s Old City, is projected with blue eyes
to promote the capital’s 6th annual International Festival of Light,"
Eisenbud of the JPost writes.
Photo Credit:
Reuters; June 10, 2013

An article by Daniel K. Eisenbud, in The Jerusalem Post says that Jerusalem is hosting its sixth annual city of lights festival; the artistic event began yesterday, June 11th, and continues for a week until June 19th:
Tens of thousands of visitors are expected to converge on Jerusalem’s Old City each evening for the next week, as all four quarters are cast aglow during the capital’s sixth annual International Festival of Light.
Beginning Wednesday night, the festival will feature 17 acclaimed international light artists, including numerous interactive light shows, from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. until June 19 – all free of charge.
The event's organizers write on its site:
You'll be able to ramble through the Old City's picturesque  alleys, among breathtaking works of art from Israel and abroad, and view enthralling light shows, three-dimensional artistic displays and huge video projections on landmark Old City buildings and on the Old City walls.
The lights will undoubtedly give a new perspective to the city, if only briefly. Light has a way of revealing something new in the old, which becomes apparent when meandering through  the various alleyways and paths of the Old City—it containing thousands of years of history, of multiple stories of the people who resided within its domain. If those ancient stones could talk.

 For more information on the festival , you can visit here.; and you can read the rest of the article at [JPost].

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