Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Justice Of Israel's Battle

The Jewish State

If Israel's military operation in Gaza to root out terrorists and its infrastructure has shown anything it is that anti-Semitism is alive and well in the world, notably among those who call themselves Leftists. But they have loss the argument, which makes them more nasty, and more brutish. In the realm of mid-east politics, their arguments are not only dangerously foolish, but also irrelevant, which is what Jonathan S.Tobin has pointed out rather persuasively in Commentary:

Tobin writes:
That is why the energy expended by so many American liberals on behalf of projects designed to pressure Israel’s government to make more concessions to the Palestinians is not merely wrongheaded. It’s utterly irrelevant to the realities of both the Middle East and the global resurgence of anti-Semitism. Groups such as J Street that are predicated on the notion that Israel must be saved from itself by principled liberal critics are treated as both serious and representative of Jewish opinion by the mainstream media. But that group has little to say about the current conflict that requires our notice. Nor are its efforts to distinguish itself from far more radical anti-Zionist groups that openly support efforts to isolate Israel economically and support protests against its right of self defense of any importance any longer.

At this moment it is no longer possible to pretend that the conflict can be wished away by Israeli concessions that would, if implemented, create another 20 Gazas in the West Bank. Nor can one rationally argue that more Israeli forbearance toward Hamas in Gaza and a less vigorous effort to take out its vast system of tunnels shielding its rocket arsenal and terror shock troops would bring the region closer to peace when the only way to give that cause a chance is predicated on the elimination of Hamas.

If, at some point in the indefinite future, the Palestinians turn on Hamas and its less radical allies and embrace a national identity that is not inextricably linked to Israel’s elimination, perhaps then we can resume the debate about settlements and borders that J Street craves. But until that unlikely event happens, it is imperative that Americans realize that the J Street critique of Israel that is often echoed by some in the Obama administration and throughout the left is over. The only question to be asked today is whether you stand with Israel’s right to defend itself or not. Jews and others who consider themselves friends of the Jewish state must find the courage to speak up for the justice of Israel’s cause in the current crisis against the forces of hate. Viewed from the perspective of the last week’s events here in Israel, anything else is a waste of time.
Nothing further can be added, other than if you care about the values of democracy and classical liberalism—as I strongly and passionately do—then you, as Tobin says, " must find the courage to speak up for the justice of Israel’s cause in the current crisis against the forces of hate." Now is not the time to be silent.

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