Sunday, August 17, 2014

The New Romantics: Being Fair To Terrorists


Neither France, nor Italy, nor Germany could forgive America for having liberated them from the Nazi and fascist yokes.... The little American cousin had surpassed her European elders in vigor, power and creativity. It is hard to forgive assistance when it shows up such weakness.
Pascal Bruckner, Tears of the White Man (1986)

Killing Their Own: “History has taught that revolutions devour their own children: Jahangir Razmi's Pulitzer Prize-winning photograph of Islamist revolutionaries in Iran executing Kurdish men and others in 1979,” MacEoin writes in Gatestone.
Jahangir Razmi, 1979
: Gatestone

An article, by Dennis MacEoin, in Gatestone explains why the Left (including gays and feminists) can so easily and willingly march alongside fascists, anti-Semitic Islamists and other anti-democratic and reactionary groups who outwardly hate and despise them. Truly, such Romantic thinking—such Romanticism—is so deadly and toxic that it will kill you; it will also lead, if left unchallenged, to the end of democracy and of western civilization as we know it.

MacEoin writes:
In recent years, however, these graying adolescents of the European and America "Left" have moved in a direction that could not have been predicted even in their own darkest nightmares. They have allied themselves with the most fascistic, reactionary and anti-liberal forces on the planet. Today they march arm in arm, not as fellow-travellers with the Vietcong or the Fidelistas, but step by step alongside anti-Semitic Islamists: pro-jihad extremists who threaten death and destruction on all of Western society, including the very people now defending them. The gay solidarity groups back the speech of radical Muslim clerics who, in the Middle East, would kill any stray homosexual crossing their path. There go the sisterhoods, arm in friendly arm with men who despise women and would put all of them back into niqabs, burqas and house-seclusion at the first opportunity. There go the fresh-faced young women-converts to Islam, on a desperate hunt for husbands to dominate and possibly beat them while dreaming of children to train as future martyrs. And there march Neturei Karta and other Jewish extremists and leftists, hand in hand with their future killers.
There is a straight line from the noxious and malicious rants of anti-Semitism to the irrational and delusional expressions of anti-western and anti-American hatreds. It starts with the Jews, but it does not end with the Jews. There is no denying this historical fact; and no amount of window-dressing (to cover it up) or hand-wavering (magical thinking) will make it go away. Neither will ignoring it: it has to be seen as real and important. As is the case with all problems, it has to be viewed in the clear light of reason and dealt with in similar ways.

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