Monday, January 12, 2015

Making Money By Doing Good

Minding Your Business

The Cancer Warrior: Battling against cancer in the midst of my chemo treatments (April 2013). I have been there and won. I want to help others win, too, by passing on my knowledge and experience to others.
Photo Credit: Sheldon Levy, 2013

When I was young, I had an entrepreneurial spirit.I wanted to be a millionaire long before a TV show made popular such an expression of desire. I wanted to become a millionaire by the time I was 30. I never achieved it; I stopped trying when I was 23, shortly after my father died of colon cancer. My views on money changed, I giving it less importance than it deserved.

This was an error in my thinking, which I have only recently realized, and made an effort to correct. It is not that money is everything; it is not, but it is something. (For a humourous take on money, see Andrew Klaven on the culture: Facts of Life for Liberals.)  Something tangible and important. A healthy respect for money is what informs my views today. There is nothing more satisfying than making money in the pursuit of something good. Of something that is not only respectable, but that helps others in real ways.

It is said that we are currently living in the Information Age, part of the Knowledge Economy, where knowledge is power. No where is this more important than when the knowledge gained increases one’s life expectancy and betters one's health, which is the case when one is battling against cancer. This was me two years ago, and continues to be me today. (see My Cancer Journey).

I am now working on a plan to provide such knowledge to cancer patients and their families who are undertaking such a cancer journey. I would like to conduct small half-day seminars on how to navigate the health-care system, what questions to ask and how and where to focus one’s energies. Being informed that you have cancer can temporarily short-circuit the decision-making apparatuses; a cancer diagnosis is often accompanied by reams of information that physicians, oncologists and radiologists provide—much of it important.

The seminars that I would like to conduct would help make this process easier, helping cancer patients and their families worry about one less thing.

These would be paid seminars, since money confers value in the minds of people. It will also provide me a means of earning an income, and doing so in a way that helps me and others—the so-called win-win situation that many businesses talk about. In this case, it is closer to the truth. At least I believe so. It would be held in an intimate setting, with seating for about 50 people. It’s old school, that is, a traditional way of making money, by providing a needed service in exchange for remuneration.

I have, and always have had, an earnest desire to help others, but I expect to be fairly compensated for my knowledge and experience. This is a normal and healthy view of money.  I'll keep you posted on how this project progresses.

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