Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Killing Cancer By Viruses

Cancer Research

This is a continuation of a post, “Helping the Body Self-Heal” (March 8, 2015).

This documentary, produced by “Vice Media,” aired originally on HBO on February 27, 2015; it shows how genetically modified forms of viruses like measles, smallpox and HIV can be used as a cancer-killing agent, chiefly by harnessing the human body’s natural defences to respond in attack mode to foreign and mutant cancer cells.

Shane Smith, the show’s narrator and founder of Vice Media, says the following astounding statement:
Today in real time there is a revolution happening in the treatment of cancer and the story is almost too incredible to believe. That (a) the diseases that used to kill us en masse like smallpox, measles, and even HIV actually holding the key to stopping the disease in its tracks and (b) that for the first time in medical history we just might be on the verge of curing cancer.”
Some hyperbole? Perhaps, but we have entered the golden age of cancer research, and these are exciting times for both researchers and patients.  It is important to understand that medical researchers have known for more than a century that the body’s immune system kicks into high gear as a result of fevers or infections, where macrophages and T-Cells swallow up mutant cancer cells  This knowledge is helping medical researchers to look at novel approaches to battle cancer that centre on immunotherapy, or helping the body’s robust immune system defeat cancer.

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