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Red Meat & Colorectal Cancer

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The Pescatarian Diet: “Pescetarians, as they are commonly referred, had a 43% lower chance of getting the cancer compared to people with omnivorous diets.”
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Source: CNN
An article, by Joseph Netto, in CNN says that vegetarians who eat fish—pescetarians—have less incidences of colorectal cancer than those who are omnivores and even have less risk than those who are vegetarians. That pescatarians fared better than vegetarians suggests that the consumption of fish is a key factor in reducing the risk of colorectal cancer, and, moreover, that consumption of red meat increases the risk. 

In “Vegetarians who eat fish could be greatly reducing their risk of colon cancer,” Netto writes:
While evidence shows the health benefits of reducing red meat consumption, the recent study highlights the differences between even a fully vegetarian diet and a pescetarian diet. Within the sample group there was a 27% drop in the risk of contracting colorectal cancer if you switch from fully vegetarian to eating fish. The authors of the study suggest that omega-3 fatty acids may be the key to such a low risk of cancer in the pescetarian group.

Nutritionist Lisa Drayer agrees. "In addition to other dietary factors, fish may provide added protection from its high content omega-3 fatty acids. This is consistent with previous research that has found omega-3s have anti-cancer activity and that they may be helpful in the prevention and treatment of colorectal cancer."
This article cites a growing body of scientific studies (the latest in JAMA Internal Medicine) that show the correlation between consumption of red meat and colon cancer. I have changed my diet in the last year and now rarely eat red meat (I find it harder to digest post-op, post-chemo. ); I do eat chicken and lots more fish and fruits and vegetables, I not only feel better, I look better. 

For more, go to [CNN]

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