Sunday, July 19, 2015

More Fruit Picking: This Time It's Raspberries

Country Life

Large Raspberries on a bush. The weather was fine and the raspberries were pleasing to the eye. 

We returned north to Newmarket last Wednesday to pick some more berries at Strawberry Creek Farms, this time for raspberries; they were large, abundant and evident in varying shades of red. Then we had lunch, as we did the last time we were in the area, at the Moose Caboose in Mount Albert.

We plan one more fruit-picking outing, a drive back around the horseshoe of Lake Ontario to the Niagara region in August, where we would like to get some plums and peaches. Then we might scoot over to the falls, since we would then be so close to them, and the two boys have yet to view them—one of the natural wonders of Canada.

Red Berry Pinky: Is our son adding a new universal hand gesture to non-verbal communication, or is he just fooling around on a nice summer day? I think it’s the latter.

Getting In There: The pickings were easy this year, the berries in abundance.

4 Lbs of Raspberries: Total cost was less than $12.00. Most of the berries have already been eaten, including mixing them with plain yogurt as a delicious and healthy breakfast dish.

Two Brothers: Over at the Moose Caboose sitting in a “Big Chair” while waiting for our lunch

All Photos: ©Perry J. Greenbaum

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