Monday, August 17, 2015

Elvis: The 1968 Comeback Special

Elvis Presley performing in what is known as the Comeback Special, aired on NBC–TV on December 3, 1968—more than 46 years ago (I was 11). It was recorded in a Burbank studio in California  in June.

It must have been difficult performing in a black leather suit with a high collar in front of all those hot TV lights. When performing live, the Napoleonic collar would become an integral part of all his future outfits, most notably for his stylistic trademark jumpsuits.

Elvis Australia, a fan site, writes about this concert:
The 'Elvis' special aired on December 3rd. at 9:00 EST and was seen by 42 percent of the viewing audience, making it the number one show for the season and giving NBC its biggest ratings victory of the year. It received rave reviews from the critics and Elvis was indeed back on top!
That he was; and would remain so for almost the next decade before his death on August 16, 1977. Elvis, in many ways, embodies the story of America, both its successes and its excesses; and is an American tragic hero. There is also his self-deprecating humor; and his shy boyishness balanced by his raw masculinity. Such complexity explains his iconic status as a man. But there is always the music. Enjoy the show; it is wonderful and not in any way out of fashion.

Yesterday marks the 38th anniversary of Elvis' death; he was 42. 

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