Thursday, September 24, 2015

Alex Katz: This Is Now

Landscapes In Time

Alex Katz’s 10:30 am (2006) measures 144 inches x 192 inches (365.8 cm x 487.7 cm). In the painting above (oil on linen), viewers perceive there is something more beyond the canvas. We are thus invited in, perhaps, to view the greater forest which reside behind the trees that have such a dominating presence. How we view the natural world in the here and now—its immediacy—is one of the recurring themes of Alex Katz (b. 1927), an American figurative artist born in Brooklyn, New York (of Jewish-Russian ancestry). Katz, 88, is scheduled to have an exhibit at the Guggenheim-Bilbao called This is Now (October 23, 2015 – February 7, 2016).
The Guggenhein writes: “Landscape is one of the main themes in the work of Alex Katz, one of the most unique voices in American art. This exhibition shows the artist's approach to this subject over different phases in his career, and spans from the 1980s to his latest paintings of monumental landscape. These works reveal Katz’s mastery over materials as well as the power and clarity of his vision. Loaded with the elegiac poetry of immediacy, his paintings are intended to make us reflect on the convergence of perception and awareness, on the relationship between art and nature, and on the notion of the sublime of the moment.”
Photo Credit & Source: Alex Katz; Guggenheim-Bilbao

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