Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Viewing Nature


Aesthetica Magazine: “Dutch photographer Ellen Kooi’s theatrical images challenge assumed perceptions
of the world and transform bleak landscapes into dramatic stories.” The image is entitled “Halfweg,”
which is a name of a Dutch town in north Holland. It means halfway.
Photo Credit: ©Ellen Kooi

Source: Aesthetica
I do not find this image particularly bleak, but rather striking and wonderful. It is true that there is a vastness and an openness to it that seems to go on and on. Perhaps, some would find this gives an unpleasant sensation, which might be what Ellen Kooi is trying to convey. Not everything can be “captured” in a photo, particularly something as vast as “Nature.” One can view only a small glimpse—a detail—at a particular point of time. But even this might be considered a passive act, as in viewing TV or some other theatrical performance, rather than being an active participant in Nature.