Thursday, October 1, 2015

A Fashion Statement

The Avant-Garde

Future of Fashion:  Aarticle, by Ruby Beesley, in Aesthetica Magazine looks at fashion as fine art, or at least the approximation of it. Such is the point of an exhibit, “The Future of Fashion is Now,” at Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. The search for the new is as old as humanity itself; newness conferring something particular to an object or, more important, to the person wearing said object. Rarity of object gives it and the person whom it adorns more significance or specialness, but not too much I would imagine—it is important to stand out, but not too much. So, would a old rare object have more significance than a new rare object? I think so, since a new object is unlikely to be rare. 
Beesley writes: “The exhibition’s very title, The Future of Fashion is Now, identifies the insatiable search for the new that powers this global industry to constantly seek novelty and change. However, it also acknowledges that there has never before been a time like this in fashion. In defining the art form and its status today Teunissen sees the innovations in materials and technology as leading the way: ‘Changing the process and also the content of fashion, making clothes that communicate with your body and present its emotions, that brings a totally different image or meaning of what fashion could be.’ ”
Photo Credit & Source: Aesthetica

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