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In this poem, Simcha Wasserman does a masterful job of bringing together baseball and faith in the heavens, as revealed in the exploits of Babe Ruth, one of the most storied and talented athletes in professional sports. Many sports writers consider Ruth the greatest baseball player of all time; he had a presence on and off the field, a larger-than-life figure of the Roaring Twenties, who is credited with rescuing professional baseball from scandal, “the Black Sox Scandal of 1919.” Ruth was a man who excelled in “the launch of a small white missile.” A heavenly gift, no doubt.

by Simcha Wasserman

Babe Ruth [1895–1948] at Yankee Stadium. George Herman Ruth Jr played for the New York Yankees, a professional baseball team, between 1920 and 1934. During a career that spanned 22 seasons (1914–1935), Ruth hit 714 home runs, a record that stood until 1974, when Hank Aaron of the Atlanta Braves surpassed him.
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Simcha Wasserman

Babe Ruth in baggy pants
and compression stockings
at the plate, post mammoth blast,
looking skyward, along with the
catcher and the umpire,
admiring the launch
of a small white missile
into outer space;
his bat, still pointing to
the heavens, a lightning rod

drawing down thunder;

And in his lumbering victory
trot, he touches the tip of his cap,
salutations to the crowd,
in the house Ruth built,
salutations above, to the source

and strength of all living flesh,

salutations, all the way to the
grave, for there is spring
in the dust that blows across
the empty fields, and is swept
away, sparkling, in the eternal sun.

Simcha Wasserman is a Lubavitcher chossid living with his family in Toronto.

Copyright ©2015. Simcha Wasserman. All Rights Reserved. The poem is published here with the author’s permission.

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