Sunday, December 6, 2015

Forget The Backwards Time Machine


The Hand Of Time:
Photo Credit: Darren Tunnicliff; Flickr, 2008
Source: Science Alert
An article, by Fiona Macdonald, in Science Alert says that physicists at Federal University of ABC, Santo André, Brazil, have confirmed that time moves forward always, even in the microscopic world of quantum physics. In “Physicists confirm that time moves forward even in the quantum world” (December 4, 2015), Macdonald writes:
For the first time, an experiment has confirmed that the laws of thermodynamics hold true even at the quantum level – which means that even in the quantum world, you can’t unspill that glass of milk.
The reason time runs the way it does in our everyday lives is because of the second law of thermodynamics, which states that over time all systems become more disordered, or increase in entropy. And that process is irreversible, which is why time only moves forward. But theoretical physicists had predicted that on the quantum level, the process might go both ways.

That’s because when you start dealing with really, really small particles, the laws of physics – such as the Schrödinger equation – are 'time-symmetric' or reversible. "In theory, forward and backward microscopic processes are indistinguishable," writes Lisa Zyga for
Now physicists led by the Federal University of ABC in Brazil have performed an experiment that confirms that those theories don’t match up with the reality, with thermodynamic processes remaining irreversible even in quantum systems. But they still don’t understand why that’s the case.
This puts a damper on the idea of time travel and a time machine that can take objects, including people, backwards in time. This also means, that at least until such reality changes, humans will have to continue to live with the idea that time moves forward, as we currently all do. With this we all age, some of it more intimately aware of the process than others. There is no escaping to the past, to our youthful years, except in our memories. Entropy, and the second law of thermodynamics, is unmoved by our science fiction fantasies, the work of fabulists, and our human desires to repair the past, including in some cases the rewriting of history.

For more, go to [ScienceAlert]

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