Thursday, December 10, 2015

Israeli Commandos Rescue Syrian Islamist Militants

Humanitarian Aid

Unconscious: The British Daily Mail writes: “A wounded Syrian Islamic militant receives urgent medical treatment from Israeli troops at the Syrian border. The commandos are seen administering ‘tracheal intubation’ by forcing a tube down the man's throat to prevent asphyxiation.”
Photo Credit: IDF
SourceDaily Mail

s incredulous as it sounds, the headline is indeed true. An article, by Shiryn Ghermezian, in the algemeiner reports on I.D.F. commandos rescuing wounded Syrian Islamic militants dumped by the border separating Israel from Syria. This is all the more remarkable given that Israel is still officially at war with Syria. This is not a rare event, but a regular one; all told, Israel has helped 2,000 Syrians, both civilians and non-civilians, in the last three years.

In “Israeli Commandos Rescue Wounded Syrian Militant Dumped Along Border” (December 9, 2015), Ghermezian writes:
A video released on Tuesday shows Israeli commandos administering first aid to a wounded Islamic militant along the Syrian border, the UK Daily Mail reported. Footage obtained by the Daily Mail shows Israeli soldiers discovering the purported militant unconscious, with a laceration on his right ankle and gunshot wounds to his liver and intestines discovered. The soldiers transfer him to an armored vehicle where they perform a tracheal intubation on him.
Forty minutes later, the wounded man is wheeled into emergency surgery in Israel.
Israeli troops run secret missions to save the lives of some fighters in Syria almost every night, according to the Daily Mail. Many of the casualties belong to hard-line Salafist groups, who harbor deep-rooted hatred for Israel, and some are reportedly members of Jabhat al-Nusra, a Syrian terror group affiliated with al-Qaeda and also no friend of Israel’s.
Israel has rescued more than 2,000 Syrians in the three years that it has been running the overnight missions, according to the Daily Mail. At least 80 percent of the Syrians are male and of fighting age. Israel insists that the dangerous operations are humanitarian efforts, and that it hopes to “win hearts and minds” in Syria.
Such an approach, such an understanding provides a fuller and deeper definition of humanitarian aid; such actions on the part of Israel, the Jewish homeland, where soldiers risk their lives for people who consider Israel“their enemy,” show its core moral and ethical values. These emanate from the fundamentals of Judaism—where life is viewed and considered sacred. There is the Talmudic exhortation on the measurement of strength: “Who is strong? He who converts an enemy into a friend” (Avot of Rabbi Natan, 23).

For more, go to [thealgemeiner]

For video footage, go to [DailyMail]

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