Saturday, January 16, 2016

A Conversation About Rainforest Conservation

Climate Convervation

Carbon Sink: Dr. Paul Salaman makes an argument that conserving the tropical rainforests would have a great beneficial effect on our planet, including on reducing the ice caps from melting in the northern Arctic. Salman writes for The Guardian: “Reducing carbon emissions, as the nations of the world promised to do in Paris last month, is essential, but simultaneously pulling carbon out of the atmosphere (which is what rainforests do) would immediately and significantly reduce atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) at a surprisingly low cost, providing a crucial bridge to a post-fossil fuel era. The potential of rainforest conservation to address global warming should be enough to galvanize massive worldwide rainforest conservation efforts. The natural regrowth and subsequent protection of hundreds of millions of acres of degraded rainforest would result in massive absorption of carbon as the trees grow. While it is crucial that we transition away from the use of fossil fuels, the reality is that rainforest protection can happen much more quickly.
Photo Credit: Peter van der Sleen; University of Texas, Austin
Source: The Guardian

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