Thursday, January 14, 2016

Collecting Memories Of Love

Objets D’Amour

Museum of Innocence: From the novel of the same name, by 2006 Nobel-prize winner Orhan Pamuk, is this museum detail from The Museum of Innocence, temporarily relocated from Istanbul to London’s Somerset House between January 27 to April 3, 2016. Aesthetica writes: “Displayed in 13 vitrines, the items range from ready-mades to commissioned pieces of art, which take on greater significance as keepsakes of an ill-fated love, each symbolising a particular moment within the tangled romance. The works allude to the character of each individual in hairclips and cologne, as well as the history of 1970s Istanbul through newspaper cuttings and tin spoons. The exhibition at Somerset House is accompanied by excerpts from Innocence of Memories, a recent film created by director Grant Gee about the making of The Museum of Innocence, which incorporates the sights and sounds of contemporary Istanbul, and facsimiles of the novel for visitors to pore through.”
Photo Credit: Orhan Pamuk
Source: Aesthetica