Thursday, January 28, 2016

Recreating Miró’s Majorca Studio In London

Artistic Work

Joan Miró [1893–1983] at his atelier in Palma, Majorca, Spain, in 1976: Where you work has great influence on your outlook and perception, and this is all the more so for a creative individuals like painters. In the case of Miró, he got his wish at the age of 63, in 1956, when his studio came into fruition. He had commissioned Josep Luís Sert to build a studio of his dreams: light, airy and open. Matthew Wilson writes for Aesthetica: “Joan Miró moved into his own purpose-built studio on Mallorca at the age of 63 after decades of working in cramped spaces in Barcelona and Paris. The new atelier – designed by the Spanish modernist architect Josep Luís Sert – was big, airy and a magnet for the expansive Mediterranean sun, and must have struck the artist profoundly. He marked the occasion by destroying 80 percent of his extant work and for the next 26 years, he produced paintings and sculpture that surpassed his earlier work for fearlessness, anger and experimentation with media. Such was the significance of the studio that upon his death it was preserved, and has survived to the present day without alteration – even his empty champagne bottles still stand in the places they were left. The Barcelonan Galeria Mayoral has recognised the 60th anniversary of the founding of the Mallorca studio, recreating it in London. The show contains 25 original paintings and drawings, alongside correspondence between the artist and architect and various ephemeral ornaments, postcards, photographs, paints and furniture that strew the studio.” The exhibition, Miró’s Studio, is on at Mayoral Galeria d’Art, in London, until February 12, 2016.
Photo Credit: Archivo Successió Miró. 

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