Saturday, January 16, 2016

See Comet Catalina This Weekend

Earth Astronomy

Comet Catalina: Emily Chung for CBC News writes: “Paul Klauninger took this close-up of comet Catalina on Jan. 6 in his backyard in Lanark Highlands, Ont., using an 11-inch telescope. You can see a slender blue gas tail on the left and a diffuse fan-shaped dust tail on the right. Your only chance to see a green, two-tailed comet named Catalina is almost over, as the comet makes its closest approach to Earth this weekend. On Sunday, the comet, officially named C/2013 US10 will pass within 110 million kilometres of Earth (not very close — about 72 per cent of the distance between the Earth and the Sun) on its way to leave our solar system forever after a one-time visit. For the next few days, it should be visible with binoculars near a very well-known constellation.” More at [CBC News]
Photo Credit: Paul Klauninger
Source: CBC News

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