Monday, February 22, 2016

Photos By Blind Artists: Cdn. Museum For Human Rights


Sight Unseen: Many people would think that it is not possible for blind persons to take photographs, but this is not so. When I first heard, only a few days ago, about this exhibit, I, too, wondered if I had heard right. But there is an exhibit to prove it is, indeed, true. The “impossible” becomes possible with the right mix of determination, talent and technology. The technology in question is by 3D Photoworks, which the museum site says “creates three-dimensional, tactile versions of the photographs for people with vision loss.” The Canadian Museum for Human Rights, in Winnipeg, writes about the exhibit, which features works by 12 artists—all whom have varying degrees of vision loss: “Sight Unseen invites visitors to reconsider their views on blindness and perception. It reveals how sight can make us blind to reality. It shows the potential everyone holds when we’re free to express ourselves. View a video about photographer Pete Eckert, who says ‘the eye is not always the most important thing in taking a picture.’ ” The exhibit runs until September 18, 2016. For more, go to [CMHR]
Photo Credit: John Woods; Canadian Press

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