Tuesday, April 5, 2016

An April 4th Day In Toronto (2016)

Canada’s Spring

Looking East: We got snow yesterday afternoon and overnight, an accumulation of between 10 cm and 15 cm. (4 in. to 6 in.). This is a photo taken from my kitchen window, looking east towards the park. It is 7 a.m.; the temperature is –6°C (21°F). This is Canada, after all, and we Canadians are supposed to be used to cold and snow, One can become inured to many things, but this does not always necessarily lead to its enjoyment. By next week, I can expect that this image, and what it represents, become a forgotten & distant memory, replaced by one that is more becoming of a Spring Day. It is time for the trees to bud, the greenery to appear, and the flowers to bloom.
Photo Credit & Source: ©Perry J. Greenbaum, 2016

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