Tuesday, April 12, 2016

San Francisco Opera: Verdi’s Aida (1981)

Italian Opera In America

The San Francisco Opera, starring Luciano Pavarotti (Radames) and Magaret Price (Aida), perform in Sam Wanamaker’s 1981 Hollywood production of Giuseppe Verdi’s opera (the libretto is by Antonio Ghislanzoni), Aïda, at San Francisco’s War Memorial Opera House, which can seat more than 3.100 patrons. In the pit is Garcia Navarro, a conductor from Spain; and in the director’s chair is Brian Large from England. The four-act opera, set in ancient Egypt, was first performed in Cairo, Egypt, on December 24, 1871; it was an immediate success. It opened at Milan’s famed Teatro Regio di Parma on April 20, 1872, and at New York’s Academy of Music on November 26, 1873. [A synopsis can be found here.].

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