Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The World Is A Lousy Person

Short Story

Ms. Blumenthol:
Image Credit: Rolli
Source: The Walrus

A short story, by Rolli, in The Walrus gives an insightful view of humanity; it depends on whom and what you encounter and take in. At times, all it takes is one person and what he has to offer. It might be a different hat or a cigarette. In “Ms. Blumenthol,” Rolli begins:
The World Is a Lousy Person. I want that to be my epitaph. Hooman’s is At Last . . . Peace, which is idiotic; he was in perfect health when he dropped dead. His daughter picked it out. She paid for the headstone. Hooman and I weren’t technically married, which was fine by me. Marriage is a solemn vow that you’ve run out of ideas. I’ve still got a few.
When Hooman died, I gave up smoking, though I still smoke. Only when I get—grippy. I get grippy, and if I don’t lay my hands on a cigarette fast . . .  If I were hanging from a cliff and someone held out a cigarette, I’d take the cigarette. I only met Hooman, really, my soulmate, because of cigarettes. That was ten years back. On the worst day of my life.
Let’s face it: Life is often shit; people are often vile assholes. Such is the story of our lives; filled with too many horrible days to count or even remember, and filled with encounters with nasty and vulgar people who would never do anything for another, except take the shirt off his back. You make judgments based on collected experiences, the most recent having the greater power of persuasion. Even so, it can turn on a dime. But this takes an encounter with humanity.

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